Pure & Natural

It is selected respecting the highest quality standards, and collected in fields and meadows where there are no intensive crops or agrotoxic substances.

Our long history and experience complemented with our good manufacturing practices (BPM), achieve the conservation of the original properties formed in the hive.


Its flavor, color and texture provide an unparalleled experience.


Classic Packaging

  • 5 kg. Plastic bucket for industrial use
  • 220 g. / 450 g. / 850 g. Traditional Jar
  • 35 g. / 45 g. Small Jar

Our multiflora honey is very nutritious and healthy. In addition, it is an energizing tonic and a powerful antibacterial of natural origin.


About this delight

Argentina has a long and proven track record in the production of high quality honey, product of the great knowledge of our beekeepers, as well as the nobility of our pastures and crops.

The honey produced in our country is considered one of the best in the world. The country is the third producer of honey in the world (approximately 64,000 tons per year) and the second largest exporter. More than 25,000 beekeepers work 3 million hives. About 95% of production is exported and 80% of exports are shipped to the United States. Other significant destinations are Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Italy, Indonesia.

Honey is a product that has been used as food for at least 5000 years and is credited with multiple healing properties.

There are many different kinds of honey according to their origin, but in general they can be classified into three large groups:

Multifloral Honey
Honey formed from many flowers.

Monofloral Honey
Honey in whose composition a single species of flower prevails abundantly.

Forest Honey
Honey which is not formed from nectar, but from secretions of the sap of certain plants.

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