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We are a company specialized in the manufacture of traditional Argentine products, with vast experience, supported by modern technology and strict control procedures.

Patagonian Life


We develop Argentine delicatessen for national and international markets.

In Patagonian Life we ​​have the business philosophy of guiding investment and resources in processes that ensure the delivery of excellent quality products and high differential value. In this way, we strengthen our commitment to the country, our people and our customers.

The formulation of our products respects the most traditional original recipes, as well as the taste and tradition of Argentina.

We achieve this thanks to a meticulous selection of the finest and best natural raw materials, to make an exquisite product for the most demanding international markets.

For demanding palates

All our products have strong gourmet characteristics, not only for Argentine consumers, but for all those who want a healthy, handmade product with excellent flavor and fine presentation.

The daily effort that we put in its manufacture makes the taste of our products to be the favorite in the palate of those who taste them. To do it, we select the best raw materials, we carry out strict controls and introduce the latest and best manufacturing practices.

Its fine finishing packaging places our creations at the height of the best delicatessen and premium products. Our presentations are the ideal option to delight and as a gift.

They are available in delicatessens stores, Duty Free Shop, best hotels boutiques, and prestigious wineries in the country.

At Patagonian Life we ​​focus our investment and resources on positioning our products at the same level as the best delicatessen in the world.


Estrella del Sur

Estrella del Sur


Presentation, security, design, and identity were some of the attributes of Patagonian Life Dulce de Leche that earned the 2003 Estrella del Sur Award.

The Argentinian Packaging Institute awarded Patagonian Life for the achievement in visual and packaging materials in 2003. It managed to position an image of a novel and differentiating product. Both its packaging and its image and design convey premium value and identity.

Export Ar

Export Ar


Patagonian Life was awarded the “Export Award” for its strong presence in international markets.

The 2004 Export Ar Awards were presented by the Export Ar Foundation to companies throughout the country that excelled in the areas of export, consolidation of international markets, opening of new markets, adding value to the product to be exported, associativity to export or support services to the export process.

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